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Can the down jacket be machine washed?

Can the down jacket be machine washedCan the down jacket be machine washed

Can down jackets be machine washed? Down jackets are thick and heavy, and many mothers choose to wash down jackets in the washing machine. The editor here suggests that it is best not to use a washing machine to wash down jackets, mainly because the sealing properties of down jacket fabrics are very good, and water is not easy to get in and out. Two problems arise:

  1. When washing, especially the down jacket of the pulsator washing machine will float on the water surface, resulting in unclean washing;
  2. When dehydrating, the water in the down jacket is not easy to be thrown out, and when the dehydration speed is large, the washing machine may even “explode”. This is because when the rotation speed is too high, the water cannot be thrown away, and it has a large centrifugal force, which eventually leads to the “washing machine explosion”.

Therefore, it is not recommended to wash down jackets in the washing machine.

However, with the continuous updating of technology, many new washing machines on the market can wash down jackets, and some washing machines have special cleaning functions such as down jackets, shirts, and quilts. If you must use the washing machine to wash down jackets, you need to pay attention to the following precautions:

  1. It is best to use a drum washing machine for washing, because the drum down jacket program is very gentle, without twisting and pulling, by simple beating and water jet washing, and the water temperature should not exceed 30-40 degrees.
  2. Optional iron-free function, which can reduce the accumulation of down caking after dehydration, use less detergent or use a special detergent, and manually add twice more for rinsing. After taking it out, if there is no obvious agglomeration, it can be dried. If there is agglomeration, the ambassador down is fluffy and kept warm during the drying process.