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Can you wash down jackets in the washing machine

Can you wash down jackets in the washing machine

Down jackets are common clothes in life. Many people wear down jackets in winter. When the temperature rises, down jackets, will be put away. The cleaning of down jackets has also become a problem. Can household washing machines wash down jackets?

Can a home washing machine wash down jackets?

Home washing machines can wash down jackets. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the requirements for down jackets are also getting higher and higher. Now there are many down jackets that can be machine washed on the market. There is no need to worry about explosions during the cleaning process of machine washable down jackets. You can clean them with confidence. Even an ordinary household washing machine can wash down jackets.

Can a home washing machine wash down jackets

Do washing machine wash-down jackets need the reverse side?

Can be reversed. The washing machine will wear down the surface of the down jacket when washing it. If you wash it frequently, the neckline and corners of the clothes are prone to wear. Therefore, turning the down jacket over when washing the down jacket can avoid this kind of wear and tear and keep the clothes as original as possible.

Do washing machine wash-down jackets need the reverse side

Can washing powder wash down jackets?

Washing powder can wash down jackets, but it is best to use down jacket professional detergents if possible. The down inside the down jacket is very delicate, it is poultry down, and it is also the reason for the down jacket to keep warm. At the same time, it is very fragile. Washing clothes is alkaline. Washing the down jacket with washing powder will destroy the fat protective film of the down and penetrate into the protein fibers so that the down will lose its value. Luster and elasticity affect the life and warmth retention of down jackets.

an washing powder wash down jackets

What washing machine do you need to use for down jackets?

If the washing machine has the priority of washing down jackets, normal washing machines can do without this function. Some washing machines have a special mode for washing down jackets, which will be gentler during the washing and care process. Choosing such a washing machine to wash down jackets will cause the least damage to the clothes, so this type of washing machine is preferred.

How to wash down suit in the washing machine

Preparation: Before cleaning the down jacket, check whether there are obvious stains (collars, pockets, cuffs, etc.), soak it in clean water, then pour the detergent, use a brush to clean the stains, and then use the washing machine for cleaning.

What washing machine do you need to use for down jackets


1. Put the down jacket into the washing machine for cleaning, preferably only the down jacket.

2. It is best to use low-foam laundry detergent or down jacket special laundry detergent, and press the set button.

3. After the cleaning, put a small amount of water with white vinegar, soak it for a while, then turn the washing machine a few times, wash it, and then dry it to dry.

4. After washing, shake the down jacket as much as possible before drying and dry it in the sun that is not too strong. Remember not to expose it to the sun.

5. After the down jacket is washed and dried, it should be patted with your hands, and the corners should be gently rubbed with your hands. This will keep the down jacket as fluffy as it was before washing.