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How to remove the oil stains on the down jacket for a long time? Can the down jacket be washed with a washing machine?

How to remove the oil stains on the down jacket for a long time

How to remove oil stains on down jackets for a long time

Purchase special stain removal products to clean and remove.

The oil stains have been washed for a long time with ordinary laundry detergent, detergent and other cleaning products, and the cleaning effect is not good. However, there are many cleaning products on the market for removing dirty clothes from clothes. Most of them are active oxidants, which not only do not damage the clothes, but also It is especially effective for stubborn and long-lasting stains, and the price is also very affordable. You can buy down jacket cleaning liquid, which is easy to use and has no harm to down jackets. When using it, you only need to dissolve it in boiling water, then pour an appropriate amount of water, and soak the clothes first. 10-20 minutes or so, then take out the clothes and rinse them to look new.

Can the down jacket be machine washed?

Yes, but not recommended for the following reasons:

  1. The washing machine has a large capacity, and if it has a gentle mode, it can be used to clean down jackets, but basically, all washing machines have too much rotating force, and the feathers in the down jacket will be separated into groups during the cleaning process, thus greatly reducing its thermal performance.
  2. The surface of the down jacket generally has a waterproof coating, but during the washing, drying and rinsing process of the washing machine, a large amount of water and air will enter the inside of the down jacket, which will seriously affect the down jacket fabric and anti-velvet effect. The phenomenon is that the waterproof performance is weakened.

How often should a down jacket be washed?

How often to wash down jackets is recommended based on how often you wear them and how clean the clothes are.

Generally speaking, if you wear clean clothes in winter, you can wash them twice in the winter. Because the filling in the down jacket is duck down or goose down, too many times of cleaning will cause the down in the down jacket to break, harden, and reduce heat retention. Most of the down jacket fabrics sold on the website are made of polymer materials, which are relatively easy to clean. If they are not too dirty, you can leave them unwashed. If there are local stains, you can use a toothbrush dipped in some alcohol to wipe the stained area, and then use a towel dipped in water to clean it.

In addition, when wearing down jackets in winter, you should pay attention to purchasing cuffs and other supplies to cover the parts that are easily dirty, which can reduce the number of cleaning down jackets and maintain the good thermal insulation effect of down jackets.

What should I do if the down jacket is lumpy after washing

The down jacket is likely to form a lump after washing because there is still moisture in it. In this case, it is recommended to continue to dry the down jacket and dry the moisture inside, and the down will become fluffy.

If there is no sun to dry, you can also put them down jacket in the dryer to speed up the evaporation of water in it, and the constant hot air from the dryer blows the down jacket, which can also make the down jacket more fluffy and comfortable.

Due to the poor thread routing process of some down jackets, the down will become lumps after cleaning. Even after drying, there are still lumps. You can gently tap the down jacket with a hanger or a small wooden stick, which can also help the down jacket to restore its fluffy feeling.