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How to use powder detergent in the front load washing machine?

How to use powder detergent in the front load washing machine?

If you’re using a front-loader or a semi-automatic washing machine, dose detergent directly into the drum before adding clothes.

How do I put the washing powder in the washing machine

  1. First open the cover of the washing machine. There is a washing tank box in the upper left corner. Generally, the washing tank has three grids. Most of the left-hand side of the laundry trough is filled with detergent such as washing powder or washing liquid, with softener in the middle and disinfectant on the right.
  2. Pour the washing powder into the first grid. When the washing machine operates normally, the washing powder will rush into the washing drum with the water. The water flow can evenly disperse the washing powder and make the clothes cleaner.

Usage of washing machine

  1. Before washing, check whether there are hard sundries such as matchsticks, hairpins or coins in the washing clothes, and take them out in time.
  2. Put down the or drain pipe, turn on the tap, put the detergent into the washing machine and cover it.
  3. Press the power switch, select the water level according to the number of washing clothes, and select the program according to the material and dirt degree of clothes.
  4. Press the “start / pause” button to start the washing machine.
  5. At the end of the work, the washing machine buzzes.

Precautions for use of washing machine

  1. During the dehydration procedure, the machine cover must be closed in time, and the cover cannot be opened from time to time.
  2. Do not touch the washing dewatering bucket with your hands. In case of hand involvement, accidents will occur.
  3. Do not put clothes containing volatile substances into the washing machine to avoid accidents.
  4. When the dehydration is unbalanced and the imbalance has not been solved after correction for 2 times, the machine will stop and give an alarm. Open the cover, put the clothes evenly, close the cover and press the “start / pause” button.