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How to clean the washing machine front load?

The washing box is attached to the inside of the washing machine, where the drum is. If the washing box is dirty, the clothes will not be clean. Therefore, this washing box needs to be washed frequently, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary pollution to the clothes. Regarding cleaning the washing box, some washing boxes on the washing machine can be disassembled or some cannot be disassembled, so depending on the situation, the detachable washing box can be disassembled and soaked in detergent directly, or the non-removable washing box can be cleaned with a brush.

Common models

Front-loading washing machine at home

After pulling out the detergent drawer

According to the pressing prompt on the box

Press and hold the raised part to pull out the detergent drawer

Make the point!!!

Detergent Box for Drum S-Series Washing Machines

Don’t use brute force

Just wait until it pops up automatically and then pull it out.

Then press the two sides of the middle grid with the thumbs of both hands

Gently expand to the left and right

Like this, take out the cap of the softener

You can start cleaning

Then rinse off the residual detergent with clean water

Wipe it clean with a soft cloth and let it dry

Never use steel balls

Remember to wash and dry

Put the removed cover back in place

Gently push it in first to confirm both sides of the box

Can engage with the rear jaw

Just push it to the end

High-end series

Most of the high-end series of detergent boxes are automatic delivery types.

It’s easy to clean too

After pulling out the box, press and hold the middle part

Just lift it up slightly and you can take it off.

After taking it out, rinse it with clean water and dry it before putting it back in.

Press the box to its original position

After it fits completely, just pushes it in gently.

Isn’t it so simple!

Yes, if it has not been cleaned for a long time

After washing, you can also arrange maintenance procedures for the box