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How to wash tennis shoes?

How to wash tennis shoes

Now many people have a lot of headaches when cleaning net shoes because they don’t know how to clean the best, so do you know what cleaning methods and techniques are there?

1, Throw the shoes into a basin. Fill the basin with 2/3 of the water, so that the shoes are soaked with water. You can add some washing powder to the water. You can start washing without waiting for the washing powder to be fully dissolved.

Note: Don’t let your shoes soak in the water!!! Although your shoes are always full of water when you wash them, you just need to wash them at this time. You can’t throw them in the basin and leave them alone like soaking dirty clothes. Yes, I will wash it after half a day, so that your shoes will be easy to open after drying.

2, Wash the soles. This is very easy. Use a shoe brush to brush the soap first and then brush the sole. If there are any small stones in the glue seam of the sole, you can use a toothpick to pick it clean. It is best to pick it clean because we must protect our dear shoes and shoes.

3, Use waste toothbrushes to wash the uppers and insides of shoes but don’t use the kind with the old hair rolled up. Use the toothbrush to brush the soap, and then brush the mesh surface. The inside can also be brushed. Remove the belt!! The laces can be rubbed with soap. Use a toothbrush to brush the tongue of the shoe~~~ Anyway, you can figure it out, brush it slowly, be sure to brush it clean!!

4, Repeat cleaning the shoes 1 or 2 times, just dump the dirty water and replace it with clean water, soak the shoes in water, brush here and there with a toothbrush, no need to use soap this time.

5, A very important step!!!! Throwing water!!!! It is not for you to throw it in the washing machine, I have not tried that, but I think the wedges on the mesh surface must be easily deformed that way. Teach you a super good way to exercise your body — shake it with your hands! You can squeeze the water in the front and back of the shoe where there are many sponges with your thumb to squeeze out some water. Then grab the sole in the middle, the direction of the heel should be in the front, the toe is facing behind you, start to lift your arm and make a few strokes back and forth. The less water and the more shoes, the better.

6, Let dry. Note: Don’t be exposed to the sun!! Otherwise, the glue on your soles must be yellow. I’m not afraid that if you wear NIKE or whatever, the yellow soles will be ugly, and the bottoms will become hard when exposed to the sun, so put the wet shoes on. It is absolutely wrong to put it on the balcony to expose it to the sun!! You can wear a few holes with shoelaces, and then tie them to the triangle clothes rack, and hang a shoe at the same time like hanging clothes in a ventilated place that will not be exposed to the sun. Dry it, it’s okay to be pulled by the sun, I suggest hanging it on the clothes rail on the balcony.