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How to clean cloth shoes?

How to clean cloth shoes

We all like to wear cloth shoes, right? Cloth shoes are indeed much more comfortable than leather shoes, so cloth shoes are suitable for all kinds of people to wear. Yuko, does everyone have such troubles? Cloth shoes are always not resistant to dirt, so all kinds of stains will appear when you wear them once or twice. But it doesn’t matter. Today I bring you a little trick for cleaning cloth shoes. I believe that after reading it, you will be able to solve all the puzzling problems with ease when you wear cloth shoes again.

1. How to properly clean cloth shoes. Many friends only know how to wear cloth shoes, but they are not particularly accurate about the correct cleaning method for cloth shoes. Oftentimes, washed cloth shoes will shrink. Moreover, the cloth shoes washed out by some friends will also appear smudged.

How to properly clean cloth shoes

So at this time, friends should pay attention. When cleaning canvas shoes, whether it is the front part or the back sole, it is best to use a toothbrush to clean them. It is best to wash the white soles with toothpaste so that the white soles will become white and bright in an instant.

toothbrush to clean shoes

For some of the more difficult stains on the toe cap, you can prepare a used dry towel. Then dipped in a little toothpaste and wiped gently on the toe cap. But the force must be light. After wiping, we only need to clean it again with a wet towel, and the cloth shoes will be completely clean.

2. how to deeply clean the oil stains of cloth shoes. Some dust on the surface of cloth shoes is easy to clean, but if the cloth shoes are stained with oil, it will be very troublesome to clean. In fact, everyone has a misunderstanding, that is, immersing the whole shoe in water when brushing the cloth shoes.

how to deeply clean the oil stains of cloth shoes

This method is not correct, because most canvas shoes will have shoe glue on the sole. If the shoes are often soaked in water, the degumming will occur, so we only need to use the toothbrush to be eliminated to remove the oil on the surface of the cloth shoes.

The specific method is to not wet the cloth shoes first, and then take a little toothpaste on the toothbrush. Then carefully wipe the oily places on the cloth shoes, and usually need to leave toothpaste on the shoes for about ten minutes. In this way, we will take clean water again, dip the toothbrush to brush the cloth shoes, and finally wipe the cloth shoes with a damp cloth.

3. How to properly dry cloth shoes. In the process of drying the cleaned cloth shoes, have the friends also encountered the phenomenon that the cloth shoes will turn yellow when exposed to the sun? Then at this time, you can take the toilet paper we usually use, and then carefully wrap the cloth shoes.

Finally, put it in a cool and ventilated place. Under normal circumstances, the cloth shoes will return to their original appearance.

One more thing you must remember does not to use a hairdryer or dryer to blow cloth shoes because this method will reduce the life of cloth shoes.