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How to clean white leather shoes?

How to clean white leather shoes

White shoes can be difficult to keep clean all the time, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Washing shoes has been a challenge ever since humans put them on. And washing white leather shoes is even more difficult, especially after the increase in exercise, it is undoubtedly a problem to wash the shoes white again. So how to clean white leather shoes?

1, Hand cream cleaning method. In fact, cleaning white leather shoes is very simple, you don’t need to buy white shoe polish, you only need daily hand cream. Most girls will put hand cream in their bags and find that the white leather shoes are dirty. Squeeze the hand cream onto the dirty shoes and wipe them with a tissue or cloth. The white bag can also be cleaned in this way.

2, Toothpaste cleaning method. First, use a damp cloth to clean the white leather shoes externally. Then use a strong decontamination toothpaste, squeeze it out, and wipe the leather shoes with a fine-bristled toothbrush. In this way, the yellowed areas can become white again.

3, White shoe polish cleaning method. You can also use white shoe polish once to cover it. Then wipe with a soft cloth, you can also make leather shoes as bright as new.

4, Separate the shoes and laces and wash with neutral soap/powder water. When washing shoes, take out the insole, gently brush with a soft brush, and finally rinse it off; the first is to soak it before brushing, then put soap on the shoe brush, and then brush with the shoe brush, after the first brush, Rinse the foam of the shoes with water, hit the white chalk on the vamp for the second time, then brush it with a shoe brush, wash it with washing powder for the third time, and finally rinse it off.

5, wear leather shoes, do not wear them when it is raining, it will cause great damage to the shoes. When cleaning, it is best not to use water. Sprinkle water and wipe it off immediately. If you have to wear them out in the rain, you can spray a waterproof spray on the shoes, which can greatly extend the life of the shoes.