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What temperature to wash underwear and socks?

What temperature to wash underwear and socks

Underwear is a piece of clothing that is in close contact with our private parts, so daily cleaning is also very important, especially for women. In addition to daily cleaning, it is best to disinfect the underwear regularly, because some bacteria on the underwear are very tenacious, and ordinary cleaning can’t do anything about it. So many people think of scalding with boiling water, after all, high-temperature sterilization. So how long does it take to sterilize it? Does it work?

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How long does it take to scald underwear to kill bacteria?

It is enough to scald underwear with boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes. Long-term high-temperature boiling water can easily deform the underwear. Especially the panties that are commonly used in the market today are made of comfortable materials, usually cotton. If the certificate is kept at a high temperature for a long time, the cotton products will be easily deformed, and the cotton underwear will lose its elasticity.

However, boiled underwear only kills common bacteria. A large number of heat-resistant bacteria need to be boiled in boiling water for more than 10 minutes to kill. It is recommended to soak in underwear disinfectant, which can be cleaned within 3 minutes. Especially when washing with a washing machine, disinfectant should be added.

Can 100 degree hot water iron underwear sterilize?

Scalding underwear with boiling water can kill some pathogenic bacteria, pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. However, the sterilization effect is not very good. It is recommended to boil it with boiling water and heat it for 15 to 30 minutes so that the bacteria on the underwear can be completely killed. After heating, it should be placed in the sun, or it can be washed with a special underwear disinfectant.

Common causes of gynecological inflammation are trichomoniasis and candidiasis. Candida is not very resistant to heat and will die within an hour if heated to 60°C. The optimum temperature for Trichomonas is 25-40°, and it can survive for 20-60 minutes at 46°. Therefore, it is best to wash it with soapy water, boil it in boiling water for more than 30 minutes, and then put it in the sun to dry it. It can be disinfected by ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can play a triple protection role. Pay attention to personal hygiene and wash your underwear frequently.

How to sterilize underwear

Hot water. Blanch in boiling water at 100 degrees for 5 minutes, and scrub with special soap for no less than 3 minutes; you can also cook in a pot for 5 minutes (please pay attention to a special pot for boiling).

Sunlight disinfection. Do not expose to direct sunlight. It should be dried in the shade first, and then placed in the sun for disinfection, otherwise, the underwear will be hardened and deformed easily. The sun before 9 am and the sunset at 4 pm is the most suitable for drying underwear.

High-temperature steam sterilization. It is suitable for pure cotton underwear, which can be sterilized and dried without the harm of ultraviolet rays and disinfectants.

Can scalding socks kill fungi?

  1. Scalding socks in boiling water can kill fungi. Because fungal diseases are not resistant to high temperatures, the fungi can be killed by soaking in hot water of 50-60 °C.
  2. In addition to heat that can kill fungi, UV radiation can also kill fungi. Commonly used disinfectants, such as 84 disinfectants, and 75% alcohol can kill fungi. For different parts of the fungus, you can also take different approaches.
  3. For example, change shoes frequently, avoid excessive humidity and exposure to sunlight, which has a killing effect on fungi. At the same time, you can also sprinkle the antifungal powder in the shoes, such as miconazole nitrate powder. Usually, it is necessary to avoid wearing public slippers and use public towels to avoid cross-infection.

What is the cleanest way to wash socks?

First wash the washing powder with hot water until it dissolves, soak the socks in water for 30 minutes, washes them with soap and water, and finally put them in the sun to dry. The socks are very clean.