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What do the symbols on clothes labels mean?

What do the symbols on clothes labels mean

We can often have various symbols on clothing labels. What do they mean? Please read the precautions before washing, drying, and ironing new clothes, so as not to ruin a piece of good quality clothes because you can’t understand the symbols on the label, let’s solve the doubts for sisters today!

1 The stylized washtub with temperature information explains the basics of washing. One line below represents an easy-care routine, and the second recommends wool or delicate loops.

2 Some textiles, like sheets and towels, can also be washed at higher temperatures than 30 or 40 degrees. At 60 degrees, easy-care tips are rarely seen.

3 Hands in the bathtub means that textiles can only be hand washed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. How to wash symbols are crossed out, then professional cleaning is the only option.

4 Empty triangles allow bleaching with chlorine or oxygen, if the triangle is crossed out, both bleaching variants are prohibited

5 The double-crossed triangle means that oxygen bleaching is allowed, but chlorine bleaching is not, and the CL in the triangle reverses the whole situation.

6 The circle in the square allows the machine to dry, the point in the middle allows the dryer but requires a low temperature, if the symbol is crossed out, the dryer is not recommended.

7 There are also certain rules for drying in the wind. The vertical lines in the squares represent online drying, and the horizontal lines represent laying down to dry.

8 The additional diagonal line in the upper left corner of the drying instructions represents protection from direct sunlight.

9 These are the ironing rules: ironing is generally not allowed, and a point in the equipment represents no steam ironing at low temperature. A symbol with a cross prohibits the process.

10 The circle represents professional cleaning, if it is crossed out, all forms of dry cleaning are not recommended.

11 If there is a P in the circle, choose perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon as the cleaning agent, F only means hydrocarbon, and here, underlining also means light wash.

12 W is a sign of professional wet cleaning with alkali in laundry, and the line means gentle or very gentle. Cross-representation prohibits this process.