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Can the radiation protection suit be washed with soap or washing powder?

Can the radiation protection suit be washed with soap or washing powder

Radiation protection clothing is different from ordinary clothing, so it is easy for everyone to be embarrassed when cleaning. Can the radiation protection suit be washed? Can it be washed with soap or washing powder? This is a question that everyone must think about when preparing to clean the radiation protection suit. In this article, I will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of radiation protection clothing cleaning. I hope this knowledge can help you solve your problems.

Can the radiation protection suit be washed?

Radiation protection clothing is functional clothing made of the principle that good metal conductors can reflect electromagnetic waves. The main function is to shield electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, the effect is the top priority for radiation protection clothing. Will cleaning the radiation protection clothing affect the shielding effect of the clothing? In order to help everyone solve this problem, the China Consumers Association conducted a test on the effect of radiation protection clothing in 2016.

Considering that washing has a more complex effect on clothing. On the one hand, washing may cause shrinkage of the fabric, which may result in a reduction in the area covered by the garment on the human body. However, the shrinkage of the fabric caused by washing may also increase the density of the fibers inside the garment and further enhance the shielding ability of the fabric. On the other hand, excessive washing may cause the shedding of silver ions in the fabric, or the breakage of metal fibers, resulting in a decrease in the shielding effectiveness of the fabric. Therefore, in 2016, when the China Consumers Association conducted a random inspection of the radiation protection clothing for pregnant women such as Youjia on the market, it also tested the washing resistance of the radiation protection clothing.

On the whole, the shielding effectiveness of most samples after hand washing is higher than that of machine washing samples, indicating that the washing recommendations given by manufacturers to consumers can indeed achieve the cleaning effect on clothing on the basis of ensuring the protective ability of clothing. A single wash (machine wash, hand wash) does not significantly reduce the protection against electromagnetic waves. However, since the material of radiation protection clothing is different from other ordinary clothing, special attention should be paid to cleaning, drying and storage. For example, silver ion clothing should pay attention to prevent oxidation, and try to isolate the air when storing.

The experiments of the Consumers Association have proved that the radiation protection clothing can be washed, but as we can see from the above, the China Consumers Association pointed out that “the washing advice given by the manufacturer to the consumers can really guarantee the protection ability of the clothing. It can realize the cleaning effect on the clothing.” It can be seen that when the radiation protection clothing is cleaned, it is still necessary to pay attention to certain methods and methods. So, when cleaning radiation protection suits, do you use soap or washing powder? Let’s take a look at the cleaning methods of radiation protection suits.

  1. Ordinary neutral washing powder and laundry detergent can be used. Do not bleach or use washing powder containing bleaching ingredients. At the same time, the acid and alkali substances in the home should not be close to the radiation protection clothing, such as toilet cleaner, bleaching powder, etc., they will corrode the metal wire and affect the radiation protection effect. Among them, the soap and washing powder mentioned above are also not recommended.
  2. Do not machine wash, do not rub, and do not twist hard after hand washing, because if the part is vigorously rubbed, it will cause the internal metal fibers to be twisted or deformed, so it can only be hand washed or brushed, not machine washed. It is enough to hang it directly to dry. The place to hang can not be placed in a place exposed to sunlight but should be placed in a ventilated and cool place to avoid oxidation.
  3. The requirements for the water temperature when cleaning the radiation protection clothing are relatively strict. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. In winter, people like to wash their clothes with hot water to prevent frostbite on their hands. However, radiation protection suits cannot be directly exposed to hot water. However, you can mix some hot water with the cold water, and then use the temperature to measure the water temperature. The water temperature of more than 30 degrees is suitable for human contact without damaging the clothes.
  4. When ironing clothes with an iron, be sure to use medium-temperature ironing, and the temperature should not exceed 150 degrees. Needless to say, too high a temperature will make clothes deteriorate.

Can radiation protection clothing be washed? Although the role of radiation protection clothing is different from that of ordinary clothing, as long as the method is appropriate, it can be cleaned in time to ensure the cleanliness of clothing. Generally speaking, if the radiation protection suit is not too dirty, it can be washed once every two months. In order to do this, in winter, you can wear a bottoming shirt first, a radiation protection suit in the middle, and a coat outside. In summer, you can also wear a bottoming shirt first, and then wear a radiation protection suit.