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How to dry baby clothes in winter?

How to dry baby clothes in winter

When winter comes, it is difficult for clothes to dry. Children wear clothes that are bigger and thicker.

Do your clothes always fail to dry, and does it get even wetter in rainy weather? The child changed into a pair of trousers:

The child wets his pants and needs to change

The child wears dirty clothes and needs to be changed

The child wears thin clothes and does not keep warm and has to change

Taking the children out as a guest has to change

There is a contradiction in bringing children, and it goes like this:

The child grows faster. The parents prepare trousers for the child. For example, Doudou’s mother prepared 5 pairs of trousers. She didn’t care about urinating in the morning, the child had 3 wet diapers, and 2 wet diapers in the afternoon.

Shouldn’t that be wearing thin pants?

It usually takes 3-5 days to dry on the balcony, and the clothes and pants will not be completely dry; unless they are dried in the washing machine, it will take 3 days to completely dry the pants.

Why is it contradictory? The reason is that the parents’ philosophy is not to buy too many pants for their children, wear them one year a year, and then they won’t be able to wear them next year. Seems a little wasteful.

I often hear old people say, don’t buy too many clothes, babies grow up fast and waste money.

This is reasonable and necessary.

Therefore, when it comes to using it, or when the pants are not dry in winter, it will be a little difficult.

There are indeed shortcuts to make pants dry faster:

drying with heater
The heater is not used well, and you have to take your children to go before and after. The heater should be careful not to leave when drying clothes, otherwise, it will be easy to burn.

There was a grandmother who used a heater, helped her children dry clothes, and used a rack. I put it on the heater to dry the clothes directly, and the result was burnt. Because this grandma was cooking in the kitchen, she forgot about it for a while, until she smelled burnt and found it.

This grandma chose to bake with a small fire, and practice has shown that it is generally not burnt.

So remember not to open too big, too big is absolutely inappropriate.

Change the place to hang clothes
There is a neighbor who has six or seven members in his family after returning home for the Chinese New Year. It is conceivable: on the balcony, the clothes of the seven people will not dry in half a month.

As a result, the neighbor put his clothes on the roof, and even if there is no sun, it is easy to be dried by the wind.

drying clothes on the roof

As a result, the baby’s clothes were dried the next day.

It seems that this method is good, the clothes must not be too dense, too dense will also produce bacteria.

Sometimes if you don’t dry it for a few days, there will be an odor, which means that the clothes are not dry.

use this for kids
Children’s pants are easy to get dirty because children around the age of 3 generally like to play on the ground or fall easily.

All in all, clothes and trousers can become dirty in a day, especially the dolls in rural areas, need to be changed and washed every day.

Tell everyone a good way:

Just put it on the child with a sleeve. Sleeves and trousers, 2 pairs. It has two functions:

Sleeves and trousers

First, it plays the role of being windproof, especially to keep the wind and keep warm, you can know that it is too cold to not use the sleeves when you take them off;

Second, the trousers can also play a role in preventing the trousers from getting dirty.

If adults think it is troublesome, they may be wrong. Washing sleeves and trousers is indeed much easier than washing clothes and trousers.

Using sleeves and trousers can help parents be “lazy”, free up time, and more time. In this sense, drying clothes will be less frequent, and the larger the space for drying clothes, the faster the clothes can be dried.