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Are washing pods dangerous?

Are washing pods dangerous

Laundry pods are a new type of concentrated detergent wrapped in a water-soluble film. When in use, it can be directly put into the washing machine together with the clothes. After contact with water, the water-soluble film of the laundry beads can dissolve within a certain period of time, releasing the wrapped detergent to achieve the function of washing and caring for clothes. In contrast, the detergency of laundry beads is stronger than that of laundry detergent, but because it is generally bright in color and small in size, there is a potential safety hazard for children to eat by mistake. It is recommended that families with children use it with caution.

Laundry pods become “killers” of young children

Recently, after returning home from getting off work, Ms. Li found that her son’s face, mouth, arms, and clothes were stained with some colored liquid of unknown composition. She immediately opened the child’s mouth, smelled the abnormal fragrance, and then checked the surrounding environment. A broken laundry pod was found. Ms. Li immediately realized that the child had ingested laundry pods by mistake, and rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. After gastric lavage, stomach protection, infection prevention, fluid replacement support and other treatments, all body indicators returned to normal without serious consequences.

The accidental ingestion of laundry pods by young children is not an isolated case. According to media reports, a 3-year-old child accidentally swallowed laundry pods, and his family immediately sent him to the hospital for gastric lavage treatment; another 7-month-old girl accidentally ingested laundry pods and caused liver damage and myocardial damage, respiratory acidosis; and another 2-year-old child who ingested laundry pods and fell into a coma with purple lips.

Why are there frequent incidents of accidental ingestion of laundry pods? This is closely related to the design of laundry pods. Laundry pods are brightly colored and look like jelly. The outer skin melts when exposed to water, making it easy for young children to use it as food. In addition, the packaging box of laundry pods also has hidden dangers. Some brands have safety devices that prevent children from opening, while others do not, and young children can easily open them. It is understood that the accidental ingestion of laundry pods has attracted the attention of relevant departments. The “Laundry Condensed Pod Industry Standard” implemented on April 1 this year stipulates safety indicators, increasing the minimum volume of a single pod to not less than 10 ml, adding bitterness Dosage, preventing young children from opening and other requirements.

Ingestion of laundry pods can be fatal

Why does ingesting laundry beads cause so much damage? The chief physician of the Children’s Critical Care Medicine Department of the hospital said that laundry beads are a kind of highly concentrated detergent, which contains surfactants, stabilizers, neutralizers, clothes freshening agents, protease, cellulase, amylase, etc., and the ingredients are extremely complex. Concentration means stronger irritation. Infants and young children take only one bite, which is also a high concentration dose. When biting or ingesting it, it can cause chemical burns in the digestive tract; if it enters the eyes, it can cause keratitis or even corneal ulceration; if accidentally inhaled, it will cause damage to the respiratory tract, and even cause mucosal necrosis, damage to important organ functions, respiratory acidosis, pulmonary fibrosis, etc., and serious complications such as coma, convulsions, pulmonary edema, and asphyxia may occur.

After parents find that their children have eaten laundry pods by mistake, they can quickly rinse the liquid components remaining on the skin surface with water and replace the contaminated clothes. Do not blindly stimulate the pharynx of children to induce vomiting, so as to avoid mucosal damage and aspiration, resulting in secondary injury. Parents should take their children to see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid missing the best time for treatment. When visiting a doctor, bring the accidentally ingested items and instructions together for the doctor to identify and deal with in a timely manner.

In order to prevent accidental ingestion, households with children try not to use laundry pods. If you must use it, keep laundry pods out of children’s sight and reach. When using it, be sure to keep an eye on your child.