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dehydrated laundry detergent sheets

dehydrated laundry detergent sheets

Dehydrated laundry detergent sheets are like tissue paper, take out a few when you want to use them, wash your clothes with confidence, clean and decontaminate, and not hurt your skin or your hands!

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Product Description
Product name:   Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets
 Ingredients:  Natural coconut oil derivatives,natural vegetable oils extracts,soap base,etc
 Packaging:  Drawer type or customized
 Specification:  Customized

 No phosphates, No poison, No fluorescent, No Parabens, No chlorine bleach, No dyes


 Function:  Washing, Cleaning, Refreshing
 Color:  White,Blue,Pink,Green,or customized
 Shelf time:  3 Years
Features and advantages: Suitable for machine washing, greenwashing, removing stubborn stains, low foaming, and easy ticket, protecting clothes without damaging clothes and hands, and accepting OEM orders.

1. Two pieces can wash 5-6 clothes

2. The cleaning strength is 6 times that of laundry detergent, and the weight is 1/25 of laundry detergent

3. Phosphorus-free, fluorescent whitening agent-free, environmentally friendly plants, no harm to clothes, neutral PH value

4. Comes with flower fragrance, fresh and good smell~