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Can you take laundry detergent on a plane?

Can you take laundry detergent on a plane

The airplane is one of the inevitable travel tools when we travel long-distance. However, when flying, many netizens often hope to bring some items, such as washing powder, which can be seen from time to time. Do many friends often ask whether washing powder can be brought on the plane before flying? Therefore, I will explain this problem and see if the washing powder can be brought on the plane.

Washing powder can be taken on the plane. “Washing powder can be taken on the plane. Washing powder is not prohibited. Note: passengers entering the United States and leaving Australia and New Zealand should not carry more than 350 ml of powdered articles, otherwise they can only be checked on the plane.

It is suggested that all small partners check-in large cans of powder with more than 350 ml, and those with less than 350 ml should be put into transparent bags and then put in to carry on luggage. They can take them out separately for X-ray scanning during security inspection.

However, people who buy cosmetics or daily necessities in the duty-free shop need not worry. Like liquids/alcohol, the powdered duty-free goods purchased by passengers in the duty-free shop can be carried into the cabin after being properly packed in the bag.

What needs to be observed is that shower gel, hand cream, shampoo, lotion, nail polish, toothpaste, make-up water, mascara, essence, perfume, makeup remover and sunscreen are all liquid products. All products belonging to these categories must be put into a 1000ml transparent bag and sealed tightly at the same time. Each person can only take a transparent bag to the plane, and the extra can only be checked in, not carried with him.
It must also be noted that things with flammable and explosive marks on the tube or bottle of skincare products or cosmetics cannot be brought on the plane.
Some ethnic minorities often use and bring some boot knives, waist knives, Tibetan knives, etc. out of their living habits. However, these knives are classified as controlled knives, and all controlled knives can not be brought on the plane, nor can they be consigned.
Some people may bring some pesticides, alcohol, liquid batteries, diesel, paint, kerosene, gasoline and other items from work or household needs, but these things can not be brought to the plane. As long as the products are flammable, explosive, radioactive, corrosive and toxic, they cannot be brought to the aircraft. Fireworks, firecrackers and other explosive items cannot be carried on the plane. Props, shotguns and sample guns belong to military/police tools and firearms, which are not allowed to be taken on the plane.