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How can you tell the quality of washing powder?

How can you tell the quality of washing powder

1. Color. The color is uniform and the whiteness is good. If it is a color-added washing powder, the color should be uniform and soft; if the color is uneven, it is mixed with black, yellow or other variegated powder, or there are wet lumps, coke lumps, etc., all of which are inferior products.
2. Granularity. The particle size of a good washing powder is generally about 0.5-0.8mm, and it is uniform, without moisture absorption and agglomeration; if the particle size is uneven, the thickness varies greatly, especially if there are many coarse particles, it is a defective product.
3. Smell the smell. Chemically synthesized and properly processed laundry powder has a refreshing inherent odor, and some added spices can emit a pleasant fragrance, which is a high-quality product; if the smell is abnormal or pungent, it is an inferior product.
4. Solubility. High-quality washing powder can dissolve well in water without leaving any powder particles; if there are insoluble substances in water, it is either defective or adulterated.
5. Decontamination ability. High-foaming washing powder should be rich in foam, have strong detergency, easy to rinse, washed clothes will not be hard after drying, and low-foaming washing powder has less foam in water, dissolves quickly, and has strong detergency; if it is called the above two. If the washing powder does not have its characteristics, it indicates that it may be a fake and inferior product.
6. the packaging. Because washing powder is a chemical synthesis product, the quality is very different. Some criminals use bulk washing powder mixed with talcum powder, calcium carbonate powder, etc. to repackage and sell to deceive consumers. Therefore, pay attention to identification when purchasing washing powder. High-quality washing powder is generally packaged in a regular manner, neatly printed, with bright and clear handwriting and patterns, and the color is not easy to fall off; if the packaging is irregular, the seal is not flat, the printed handwriting or logo is blurred, irregular, and the color is easy to fall off, it may be a fake and inferior product.

Identification of inferior washing powder

Identification of inferior washing powder
First, the appearance quality is poor. It is not in the form of white hollow granules like standard laundry detergent but is gray-white. When poured out of the packaging bag, the powder is flying, choking, and sticky. Second, the content of active ingredients is low. Most of the active ingredient surfactants are only below “#, far lower than the $%# content stipulated by the state. Some claim to be enzyme-added laundry powder, but it is difficult to find enzyme particles. Third, the product packaging is confusing. Yes Only marked the place name with Chinese pinyin on the packaging, making it difficult to find the manufacturer.