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How to choose liquid detergent correctly?

How to choose liquid detergent correctly

Laundry detergent is a new favorite in the detergent market. Many consumers do not know how to buy laundry detergent. In this article, laundry detergent experts also provide some tips to provide you with more accurate laundry detergent purchasing skills.

Products with a high-quality appearance are free from impurities or delaminations to the naked eye; while inferior products have delaminations that are thick and thin. At the same time, the liquid detergent with good color is stable in color, and will not change color after long-term storage; When purchasing, pay attention to the label. The packaging of qualified liquid detergent should have the product name, net weight, product instructions, factory name and address, shelf life, etc., the trademark pattern on the product label is clear, and the phenomenon of deinking.

A good liquid detergent has a pure and long-lasting scent, which will be acidic and astringent.

When purchasing, ask more about the historical background of the production enterprise, whether it is professional, how the brand reputation is, etc.

A good liquid detergent has a moderate viscosity and uniform composition when touched by hand, while a poor liquid detergent feels extremely sticky or very thin, and there is sediment at the bottom.

Through the above methods, you can basically buy the laundry detergent you like. Of course, there is some liquid detergent knowledge, and laundry detergent experts also remind you to pay more attention:

  1. The dissolving property is quickly dissolved in water, and the laundry liquid with good quality is the one that acts evenly on the clothes; the products that are difficult to dissolve in water or need to be stirred for a long time and only have a local cleaning effect are of poor quality.
  2. Phosphorus-free: means environmental protection and safety. You may have heard of “water eutrophication”. Take a fish pond as an example. If “water eutrophication” occurs, first, microorganisms such as algae in the fish pond will multiply, and then the oxygen in the water will be greatly reduced. Then the fish and shrimp will die from lack of oxygen… The ecological imbalance of the entire fish pond will eventually become a pool of stagnant water. In this process, “phosphorus” is equivalent to a nutrient that stimulates the growth of microorganisms, which is extremely harmful to the environment. In addition, phosphorus will also affect the body’s absorption of calcium, causing rickets and the like. Phosphorus-containing laundry detergents are not used because it is not easy to remove phosphorus during the rinsing process – for your health, you need to use more water and more time to rinse.
  1. The clothes with fluorescent whitening agent look as bright as new, but the fluorescent whitening agent only makes the clothes look clean optically, but in fact the stains still exist.
  2. Clothes washed with laundry detergent will not turn yellow when they are taken out the next year.