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sensitive detergent pods

sensitive detergent pods

In the past, sterilization was an upgrade requirement of some consumers for laundry products. However, for some friends with sensitive skin, dust mites and bacteria on clothes can easily cause skin discomfort, and the sterilization effect of laundry products has become a “just need”. The sterilization cavity of Color Protection Condensation Beads can effectively sterilize bacteria and help long-term bacteriostasis, making clothes more comfortable to wear.

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Product Description


sensitive detergent pods

Laundry detergent capsules are a relatively recent product innovation.

This detergent form has been progressively introduced to the European market over the last decade.

Now, laundry detergent capsules are used daily by millions of people across Europe.

Consumers experience the convenience of laundry detergent capsules as their primary benefit.

Type Single room, double room, 3 in 1, etc
Shape Heart, square, LO, etc.
Color Red, green, yellow, etc.
Fragrance Flower and others
Brand Name OEM
Weight 10g,15g,20g, etc
Inner package Bag or plastic box
Outer package Carton etc.
MOQ 5000 pieces
The Attributes and Advantages of Laundry pods:

Infants and young children’s clothing should be treated with special care. This laundry bead is aimed at infants and young children and people who are prone to allergies. It can be used with confidence when washing bedding and personal clothing.

Multiple formulas make it really a three-in-one powerful laundry, cleansing formula–contains two cleaning actives, skincare formula–containing glycerin, which can better care for baby’s skin, the antibacterial formula–phenoxyethanol, – small grains It can wash a large bucket, the washed clothes are clean and clear, the whole family likes it, there is no fragrance left after washing, only the original fragrance of the clothes _ color protection + clean and soft + antibacterial are enough!