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organic soap for babies

organic soap for babies

Children’s skin has not yet fully developed, so it is necessary to choose a good organic soap. All the soap body components of this organic soap are made of pure organic substances, which can protect children’s skin and protect children’s skin. It will be the best gift for children to use a good organic soap to better protect the skin and will not cause damage and irritation to the skin.

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Product Description


 60g~1500g as customized


 White, yellow, blue, brown, green, etc


 Fruit, flower, etc as customized.


 Engraving your own logo on the soap is available

 Inner package

 Polybag, Color Carton box, Paper Bags, etc.

 Outer package

 Export cartons & Wooden pallets.


Deep cleaning, whitening, Moisturized, skincare, Antibacterial, good smell



 TFM Range

 40%-75% TFM according to your request.

We often talk about the benefits of certified organic soaps and skincare products for adults with sensitive skin, but the same goes for children. In fact, babies need more protection than us adults because their skin is the most delicate.

Organic soaps are chemical free. It’s made from only plant-based ingredients, with no artificial flavors or preservatives. It’s 100% natural and more delicate and gentle on the skin than regular antibacterial soaps. It is also a must-have for sensitive skin. But more than that, organic soaps are gentler and work really well. It nourishes, moisturizes and soothes your baby’s skin without irritating it.

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