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Dish Wash Liquid wholesale

Dish Wash Liquid wholesale

Detergent wholesale, factory direct sales, reliable quality, sincere cooperation, our company’s products are complete, high quality, reasonable price, and won the trust of our customers; therefore, the detergent sold by our company has the strength to bring strong benefits to all businesses. Powerful competitive advantage! It is an ideal partner for large supermarkets, corporate group purchases, labor insurance, shopping malls and supermarket promotions, daily chemical monopoly, daily chemical wholesale department and stall supply, trade fairs, etc.!!

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Product Description


Dish Wash Liquid wholesale






Active ingredient content



Remove grease, oil and odor effectively


Clean dishes, kitchenware, tableware


OEM / Customized


Tianjin, China

Delivery time

Within 20-30 days after receiving the deposit


Free sample

Payment terms

30% TT in advance and 70% TT before loading


Product Features

1. Washing clothes with detergent is fast, and it will be washed very cleanly, and the clothes are still very fragrant after washing;

2. Clothes washed with detergent should be washed with water less frequently than with detergent. Clothes washed with detergent can be washed about three times, while clothes washed with detergent should be washed with water. 5,6 It can be cleaned very cleanly;

3. The price of buying a bottle of detergent is about 3.5 yuan, and buying a bag of washing powder is at least about 5 or 6 yuan, and a bottle of detergent can be used for a long time, but a bag of detergent can not be used. how long;

4. The space for a bag of washing powder at home is much larger than that of a bottle of detergent, and if the opening of the washing powder bag is a little bigger, it will spill all over the ground if it is accidentally turned over. , but if the detergent bottle is poured at most, it will be poured out a little, in fact, it will not flow out at all, and the washing powder will be wasted when it is poured out.

5. There is almost nothing that cannot be washed with detergent, especially its strong decontamination ability. It can be used to wash oily pots and bowls with boiling water, but it can be washed very cleanly at once.