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Best phosphorus free washing detergent for babies

Best phosphorus free washing detergent for babies

Traditional washing powder is a very common household cleaning product, but it is not suitable for baby clothes cleaning because it contains surfactants and cosolvents that are easy to stimulate the skin.

Properly cleaned clothes can help your baby keep warm and keep out the cold and dust, but if not properly cleaned, it may cause skin diseases.
Our Baby clothes washing powder is mainly composed of plant-based cleaning ingredients, which greatly reduces irritation to the skin. In addition, there are mild antibacterial ingredients, which can kill bacteria on clothes without damaging skin and clothing fibers. And it is a phosphorus-free formula.

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Best phosphorus-free washing detergent for babies Product Description

Best phosphorus-free washing detergent for babies




Blue, green, pink, transparent, etc


Lavender, lemon, flower or customized


Our logo or With your own design


200g-5kg, bulk 10kg-50kg

Inner Package

Plastic bag, plastic bottle

Outer Package



Tianjin, China

Delivery time

Within 20-30 days after receiving the deposit


  Free sample

Payment terms

30% TT in advance and 70% TT before loading

Best phosphorus-free washing detergent for babies Advantages

If children’s clothes, especially those worn close to their body, are not cleaned properly, it is very easy to cause damage to children’s skin, and the alkalinity of washing powder is relatively strong for children, so it is not suitable to use this kind of products. In addition, the clothes washed with washing powder will produce some chemical residues for children, such as the residues of lead and other substances, which will harden the texture of clothes and make children feel itchy and uncomfortable after wearing clothes. If they are worn for a long time, their skin will no longer be tender, and even suffer from dermatitis and rash.

Now, most families in foreign countries use baby-specific detergent to clean children’s clothes, which can not only be cleaned thoroughly and have no residue, but also reduce the damage to clothes in the cleaning process and avoid hardening of texture.

Our washing detergent for babies contains natural ingredients, which are mild to the skin and do not hurt clothes. After washing, the clothes are soft and fluffy, leaving a natural fragrance. In particular, bactericide is added to make sterilization healthier. Our washing detergent is a good choice for children whose skin is delicate and clothes are easy to be infected with bacteria.

product advantage


Best phosphorus-free washing detergent for babies Function:


1. Super decontamination ability
2. Various formulas to meet the requirements of washing method or water quality.
3. kinds of fragrance including fruits or flowers
4. Color-guard agent, making clothes brilliant and keeping the fabrics soft.
5. Soften function, rich foam, durable
6.No harmful for skin phosphorus-free


Best phosphorus-free washing detergent for babies Multi-Application


Best phosphorus free washing detergent for babies can be used to wash clothes of different materials such as cotton, linen, silk and chemical fiber



Best phosphorus-free washing detergent for babies Package and delivery


Most packages of washing powder are woven bag and carton

packing and shipping


Our service:


1. Competitive Price——-We are a factory, so we could supply you with the most competitive price for you.
2. Short delivery time——With the advanced technology and production line, our factory produced the detergent powder in the shortest time.
3. Diversified producer——We can supply any specification to meet your requirement, not only the washing powder but also the liquid detergent and bath soaps.
4. Good service——We will supply you with the best service not only before sales but also after-sales, even can supply the professional team to do the design work with your own logo.
5. Good quality—–We have strict and professional quality control personnel. All raw materials purchased and goods sold must pass strict inspection.
6. Advanced formulation—We have our own lab and professional person to create detergent formulation suitable for the market with the best quality.
7. Good location—– The factory is near Tianjin port, it will cut down the delivery cost.


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