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best bath soap for dry skin

best bath soap for dry skin

If the skin is particularly dry, you need to use a moisturizing soap or a soap with lower alkalinity. A slightly softer soap contains some surfactants, which can ensure that the skin is hydrated.

This bath soap of ours is suitable for bathing every day. It not only hydrates and moisturizes but also has a very good ability to remove dirt.

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Product Description


 60g~1500g as customized


 White, yellow, blue, brown, green, etc


 Fruit, flower, etc as customized.


 Engraving your own logo on the soap is available

 Inner package

 Polybag, Color Carton box, Paper Bags, etc.

 Outer package

 Export cartons & Wooden pallets.


Deep cleaning, whitening, Moisturized, skincare, Antibacterial, good smell



 TFM Range

 40%-75% TFM according to your request.

People with dry skin feel that the skin is tight after washing their face, especially when the air humidity is low, they will feel that the facial skin is dry, and even flakes and chapped in severe cases. In addition to dryness on the face, there are also times when the body is visibly dry. Dry skin is prone to peeling, and it can feel tight soon after washing your face without applying skincare products. At the same time, the stratum corneum of dry skin is thinner, so the skin is more prone to redness and redness. Dry skin is more delicate than people of the same age, but it is also more prone to fine lines, especially under the eyes and crow’s feet.

When choosing a soap for dry skin, whether it is used to wash your face or bathe, be sure to avoid contacting the skin with strongly alkaline soaps containing soaps. Because our healthy skin is weakly acidic, long-term exposure to strongly alkaline soaps will accelerate the shedding of the stratum corneum of the skin, thin the stratum corneum, and decrease the moisture content of the skin, and become drier and drier. In severe cases, the skin may become dry and chapped, and even a high-efficiency moisturizing cream will not relieve the dryness. Therefore, dry skin should choose weakly acidic amino acid soap as much as possible, and the composition is closer to the natural plant type of amino acid soap. Our soap is a weak acid amino acid soap that is very suitable for dry skin. It does not contain a soap base, it is a soap containing sodium cocoyl glutamate, whether it is dry skin or sensitive skin, it can be used to wash the face or bathe, it is quite mild and does not irritate the stratum corneum~

Dry skin should not use inferior cosmetics or use multiple cosmetics at the same time, and be careful not to change cosmetics frequently. Do not use skincare products that contain too much fragrance, alcohol and strong alkalis to avoid irritation to the skin and aggravation of dryness.

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