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How to wash wool clothes without shrinking?

How to wash wool clothes without shrinking

Winter is coming soon, and many people have already started to prepare winter clothes. Among the winter clothes, wool sweaters are a good choice. Although wool clothes are warm and comfortable to wear, they are very troublesome to clean. We all know that wool clothes are very easy to shrink if washed, so is there a way to make wool clothes not shrink after washing?

How to wash a sweater without shrinking the first step – “warm”

The ultimate fixation rather than stain removal for the first wash of jeans. When washing jeans for the first time, white vinegar and salt are added to the water to make the fuel of the jeans more precisely fixed on the fabric.

How to wash a sweater without shrinking the second step – “kneading”

Turn the sweater inside out, soak it in warm water with a fully dissolved detergent for about 5 minutes, and slowly squeeze the clothes until they are soaked. Do not rub, this will make the sweater pilling. It should be noted in this step that the longer the sweater is soaked or washed, the easier the sweater will fade. Knead lightly for 2-5 minutes, do not rub hard, or rinse directly with a tap, otherwise, the sweater will be deformed.

How to wash a sweater without shrinking the third step – “squeeze”

Do not squeeze the water out of the wool sweater after washing, which will deform the wool sweater. We recommend that you round the wool sweater after washing it into a ball, and then use the edge of the basin to lightly squeeze it. Remove moisture from the sweater.

How to wash a sweater without shrinking the fourth step – “suction”

Try not to choose dehydration after washing the sweater, which will deform the clothes. In order to make the clothes dry as soon as possible, we can lay a large white towel, and then unfold the washed sweater on the towel. Roll up the towel and use a little pressure to allow the towel to absorb as much moisture as possible from the sweater.

How to wash a sweater without shrinking the fifth step – “stand”

When drying the washed sweater, it is best to spread it out to prevent deformation. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid exposure to strong sunlight, otherwise, the molecular structure of the wool will be damaged.

This article introduces the five steps to pay attention to when washing wool clothes. If you have wool clothes, then you’d better follow the methods in this article to clean them, otherwise, the wool clothes may shrink and deform, and they will not look so beautiful.