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How to wash wool scarf?

How to wash wool scarf

The weather is getting colder and it’s time for girls to tie woolen scarves again! Wool scarves are soft and silky, and there is always a sense of warmth flowing all over the body. In autumn and winter, a woolen scarf can keep you stylish and warm. Whether you are taking pictures on the street or having a sweet date, a beautiful woolen scarf will make you different! As a common scarf style, how should wool scarves be cleaned and maintained?

How to wash wool scarf
Pure wool is of the highest quality and is of high quality, and scarves made of wool have an elegant feel. Fashionable wool scarves need more careful and thoughtful care from MMs, so when the wool scarves are dirty, how should girls clean them? Let’s take a look at how to wash a wool scarf!

  1. Keep away from washing powder. Washing wool scarves must be washed with water or special wool detergent. Do not use washing powder. Washing powder is a strong alkaline detergent, which can easily corrode your wool scarf!
  2. Control the soaking time. When washing woolen scarves, it is necessary to grasp the washing time. Generally, soak it for three or five minutes, and squeeze it by hand while soaking, so that the attached dirt can be washed off.
  1. Mixing is strictly prohibited. Wool scarves are light, soft, warm and slippery. It is a fragile “little life” that can’t stand the toss of other fabrics, so MMs should wash them separately, so as to avoid dying between fabrics.
  2. Use a net bag to dehydrate. If you want the scarf to dehydrate quickly, you can put it in the washing machine, but the premise is to add a net pocket to your wool scarf, so as to avoid being damaged by the washing machine.
  3. Do not expose yourself to the sun. Washed wool scarves are still very particular, MMs need to flatten it, and then dry it naturally, don’t go where there is a big sun, the wool is not only easy to lose its luster after exposure but also easy to break.

How to maintain a wool scarf
Wool scarves, like wool sweaters, have the problem of absorbing dust and shrinking. If they are not properly maintained, they will easily get dirty and out of shape. Scarves are powerful accessories for girls to wear in autumn and winter, so daily maintenance is also not sloppy. How do you take care of your wool scarf? Compare the maintenance rules below to see what wrong maintenance methods you need to correct!

Rule 1: Do not put it with clothes

Wool scarves and clothes are easily damaged by the zippers and buttons on the clothes, so it is best for MMs to roll the scarf into a “sushi” shape when not tying the scarf and putting it in the drawer.

Rule 2: Ironing at a medium temperature

Wool scarves cannot withstand high-temperature ironing. When ironing scarves, women should not adjust the iron to medium temperature. Before ironing, they should spray water mist on the scarf, spread a moist white gauze piece, and iron along the warp and weft direction of the scarf. Will not deform the scarf.

Rule 3: Do not hang

The wool material is easy to be moth-eaten, and it is thin and easily deformed, so it should not be hung and hung during maintenance, but should be folded and bagged flat while keeping it dry and ventilated!

Rule 4: Dress to avoid friction

The wool fiber is slender and soft, and it is easy for MMs to damage the scarf when they go out with wool scarves. Usually, we should pay attention to reducing friction with hard things, such as the friction between the sleeve and the tabletop, the sleeve and the armrest of the sofa, the friction between the back and the sofa, etc.