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How to wash wool socks without shrinking?

How to wash wool socks without shrinking

Wool socks shrink easily. Dry cleaning or proper handwashing will prevent wool socks from shrinking.

  1. Before cleaning, you should first check the washing label on the inside of the clothes, and wash according to the instructions on the washing label. According to the washing mark, the wool composition in the clothes is different, and the washing and maintenance methods are different. Some are suitable for handwashing, and some are suitable for dry cleaning. The maintenance methods described in the wash label on the clothes will also vary depending on the type of wool, and the specially treated clothes may also have some special advantages, and the washing methods are naturally different.
  2. Since wool and cashmere are resistant to weak acid but not alkali, if the alkaline detergent used for daily laundry is used, it will easily damage the wool fiber. Therefore, when washing, the sweater should be soaked in water with neutral detergent and detergent for 10 minutes. -20 minutes, gently rub the clothes (do not scrub vigorously, if you want to machine wash, choose a light gear).
  3. The washing water temperature should be around 30℃. If the water temperature is too high, the sweater will be felted and felted again. If the water temperature is too low, the washing effect will be reduced.
  1. During washing, except for wool sweaters marked with “super washable” or “machine washable” marks, general wool sweaters should be carefully washed by hand or dry cleaned. As for chemical fiber products, because of their high strength, they will not produce cashmere. Therefore, it can be washed with water according to the general laundry method. However, for some products with loose structure and terry or napped surfaces, it is best not to use a washing machine for washing, otherwise, the fabric will be easily damaged.
  2. After washing, it is best to press by hand first to press out the water or use a centrifugal dehydrator. Note that the sweater should be wrapped in cloth before putting it in the dehydrator, and it should not be dehydrated for too long, only 2 minutes at most. After washing and dehydration, the sweater should be spread out in a ventilated place to dry, do not hang or expose to the sun to avoid deformation of the sweater.