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Can you wash towels with your clothes?

Can you wash towels with your clothes

In daily life, the towel is a daily necessity that we use very often. It can not only wipe sweat, wipe hands, wipe the body after bathing, wipe hair, and many people also use towels to wash their faces. There are many magical uses for towels, but after use, there will be a lot of bacteria hidden, and it is not easy to clean. Many people think that throwing the towel in the washing machine and washing it with the clothes, or picking it out separately and washing it by hand with a basin and washing powder, must be very clean. In fact, there are a lot of bacteria in the towel. It is impossible to completely clean it with ordinary cleaning. When you use it again, it will let the bacteria on your body and face.

Towels are a kind of cleaning product. We use them every day. If you don’t master some common sense of life, you will lose a lot. If you wash some new towels for the first time with clothes, the consequences will be serious. I was shocked that all the clothes were covered with hair!

In fact, cleaning towels is not that complicated. As long as there are these two things that we use in our daily life, we can wash towels cleanly, which is very reliable and comfortable to use.

Towels are usually hung in our bathroom. Everyone knows that the bathroom is a very humid place. If the towel is hung in it for a long time, it will breed bacteria, become smelly and dirty. At this time, use this method to wash the towel. , can definitely be cleaner than when you just bought it.

We prepare a pot and add two cups of white vinegar and a spoonful of salt to the pot. White vinegar and salt are things we usually use in cooking, and they can be seen everywhere, but few people know that they are used to wash towels. Both white vinegar and salt have good disinfection and sterilization effects. White vinegar is also a natural softener. Washing towels with white vinegar can make the towels very soft.

Then pour hot water into the basin with white vinegar and salt, and then dip the towel into it. It is best to put a little baking soda. Baking soda is also a good decontamination expert, which can help us wash the towel clean.

There may be many invisible mites in the towel, and the mites are very bad for our skin and respiratory tract. We can add a little toilet water to the water basin. The components of toilet water are alcohol and essence, which can kill mites and make towels fragrant.

Stir the towel with a chopstick, let the towel fully absorb the water, and then wait until the water is cool, we can rub it with our hands, rub it clean, and use water several times, so that the steps of washing the towel are completed.

After washing the towel, remember to take the towel to a place with the sun to dry it, the sun can also help us sterilize and disinfect, and the towel that has been exposed to the sun will have a good “sun smell”!

It is very good for our health to use this method to clean our towels every once in a while, but even if they are cleaned, they should be replaced with new towels regularly.