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What temperature wash towels?

What temperature wash towels

60 degrees
It is OK to wash with 60 degrees of water, which will make the towel soft!

Tips for Properly Washing Towels

We put the towel into the washbasin first, and pour in a small amount of salt, which has the effect of color-fixing, sterilization and detoxification. After each use, wash the towel with clean water, then put it in the sun to dry. Then pour in a small amount of white vinegar, which has the effect of removing odor, and then pours in some Florida water. The toilet water is very fragrant and can also remove mites on the towel.

Generally speaking, the towel should be thoroughly washed once every 2-3 days. Pour the laundry detergent into the basin and dissolve it in warm water. Soak the towel for half an hour, rub the towel with both hands to wash the towel, and then rinse it with water. Be sure to rinse twice more.

If the towel is a little greasy, you can squeeze a small drop of detergent, and then sprinkle some edible alkaline surface or baking soda, it can be very good for cleaning and decontamination.

The best effect is to wash the towel with warm water. It is best not to rinse it directly with boiling water or cold water. Let the towel soak in the water for ten minutes to dissolve the stains, so that it is easier to clean.

Ten minutes later, we rubbed the towel a little with warm water. Many stains on it had been dissolved by white vinegar, and the water was a little dirty. We sliced ​​lemons, put them in a pot and boiled them with water. Washing towels with open lemonade can remove stubborn stains on white towels. Then wash the towel a little, everyone sees that our water has become very dirty after cleaning, and the stains on the towel have been washed off. After washing the towel, wring it out to dry, and then wash the towel with clean water. , so that the cleaned towels are already very clean and white as new.

After washing the yellowed towel, there is no greasy feeling at all, it is very clean, and there is no peculiar smell on it. Using this method to wash the towel has a very good effect. It is more comfortable to wash the face with such a towel. The towel at home is dirty. Just wash it this way.