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The reasons for the short shelf life of dishwashing liquid and odor

The reasons for the short shelf life of dishwashing liquid and odor

Many factories produce dishwashing liquids that are stored for less than a few months.

When we opened the cap, we found that the smell had turned bad, and we were overwhelmed.

cause of odor

  1. The bottles or buckets containing detergents are not strictly cleaned and sterilized before use.
  2. The production workshop environment is harsh and unclean.
  3. The production water has not been purified by special equipment.
  4. The production equipment is simple, which leads to uneven stirring of the raw materials, which causes the raw material molecules to move irregularly under the starvation dynamic, and cannot form a stable and firm network molecular structure due to fission.
  5. The preservatives are of poor quality or improperly added.
  6. The plastic in the plastic mixer is caused by a chemical reaction in contact with chemical raw materials.

The solution to the smell of dishwashing liquid

  1. Pay attention to the hygiene of the production workshop, and install ultraviolet germicidal lamps on the top of the workshop.
  2. The packaging bottles or vats used for the finished detergent should be strictly sterilized and cleaned with steam or hot water, and used after the packaging is dry.
  3. Workers take up their jobs with health certificates. Personnel wear disinfected sanitary clothes and enter the workshop after washing their hands.
  4. Before personnel enter the workshop, turn on the ultraviolet lamp in advance in the workshop, and irradiate it for about half an hour for sterilization.
  5. Select high-quality washing equipment to stir and emulsify the raw materials evenly.
  6. Eliminate the use of simple household water filters, and use special reverse osmosis water treatment equipment to strictly sterilize and remove heavy metal ions such as calcium and magnesium.
  7. Select the raw materials that meet the national standard, especially to ensure that the effective content and validity period of the preservative Kaison meet the requirements.
  8. Put an end to the use of plastic buckets for stirring instead of stainless steel production equipment.