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Is kn95 masks washable?

Is kn95 masks washable

KN95 masks must not be cleaned. Cleaning will destroy the electrostatic layer of the mask. Because the central layer of the KN95 mask is a filter layer containing a large amount of static electricity, the important material is some melt-blown materials. Once washed, the filter layer will be destroyed. , the protective effect of the mask will disappear, so the KN95 mask cannot be washed. Therefore, our usual crowd should wear masks, and when going out, try to avoid places where people gather as much as possible.

KN95 masks are not recommended to be cleaned. After cleaning, KN95 masks may damage the structure of the mask, reduce the airtightness of the mask, and reduce the filtering function, which will destroy the protective effect of the mask, so the KN95 mask cannot be cleaned.

KN95 masks can sometimes be reused. For example, in a home environment, KN95 masks can be reused in a short period of time, but KN95 masks do not need to be cleaned. After use, they only need to be removed and placed in a ventilated place. Okay, if the KN95 mask is deformed, dirty or damaged, wet, etc., it needs to be discarded and replaced.