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How to clean a dishwasher filter?

How to clean a dishwasher filter

Dishwashers need to be cleaned and maintained over time. Because some residue or dirt will naturally deposit inside, it also needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly, otherwise, it will affect the service life of the dishwasher and the cleaning effect of tableware. So how do you clean a dishwasher filter system?

The first is to remove the filter system. This dishwasher uses a four-stage cycle washing, repeated washing in each stage, filtering and reusing the water consumption, and at the same time, the sewage is discharged from the drainpipe through the drainage system. Can also be placed in the sink. After understanding these principles, we can take out the filter system first. It should be noted that during the whole process of cleaning the filter system, we must pay attention to unplugging the power socket to avoid safety accidents caused by leakage. When taking out the filter system, we can first rotate the filter cylinder, take out the filter device, and put the filter device into warm water for soaking.

The second is to clean the filter system. We can rinse the filter unit under the faucet, use a soft brush during the rinse process, or place it in a container and soak it in warm water. It should be noted that a wire brush cannot be used, as it will damage the filter. After cleaning, put it back on the dishwasher, pay attention to tightening it, and at the same time, the small triangle of the filter and the filter should be aligned.

Finally, it is about cleaning the spray arm. This installation-free dishwasher uses up and down rotating spray arms. The high-temperature and high-pressure water flow from the spray arm can thoroughly wash the tableware at 360 degrees, which can effectively wash the oil and dirt on the surface of the tableware. Therefore, regular spraying It is necessary to wash the arm to promote the washing effect. When cleaning the spray arm, we can pull out the basket first. It is worth mentioning that the door of this installation-free dishwasher is a pull-down type, which can avoid bending over, which is more convenient and fast. Pull the spray arms up and out after pulling out the basket. The water flow is sprayed from the water spray hole from a scientific point of view. If the water spray hole is blocked, it will cause some places to not be sprayed and the tableware will not be clean, so it needs to be cleaned with a sharp object. Then rinse with running water, clean it up, and put it back in the opposite direction of removal.


Do not use a wire brush filter device.