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Ecos plus laundry detergent with enzymes

Ecos plus laundry detergent with enzymes

Ordinary washing powder has limited decontamination ability, so scientists have developed washing powder with biological enzymes added. Enzyme-added laundry detergent not only has a strong decontamination ability but also is more environmentally friendly than ordinary laundry detergent.

Enzyme-added laundry powder refers to laundry powder containing enzyme preparations. Biological enzymes can hydrolyze macromolecular proteins in bloodstains, milk stains, and other stains into soluble amino acids or small molecular peptides, making them easy to fall off from clothes.

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Ecos plus laundry detergent with enzymes Description

Detergent Type



 White or blue powder with or without three-color particles


 Lemon, flower, etc. as customized.

Brand Name



 High Foam, Low Foam

Inner package

 30g-25kg, PE bag or woven bag

Outer package

 Woven bag, carton, etc.



 Active ingredient content


 Advantage of our washing powder

 Guangsheng washing powder has a unique and advanced formula that works faster to remove dirt and stains. It keeps clothes shining bright and fresh & keeps bad odor away from clothes!


Ecos plus laundry detergent with enzymes Advantages

A variety of enzyme preparations are added to the enzyme-added laundry powder, such as alkaline protease preparations and alkaline lipase preparations. These enzyme preparations can not only effectively remove stains on clothes, but also have no toxic effect on the human body, and these enzyme preparations and their decomposition products can be decomposed by microorganisms without polluting the environment.

The ability to remove those stains depends on the type of enzymes added. There are currently 4 types of enzymes used in enzyme-added laundry detergents: protease, lipase, amylase, and cellulase. Protease: Proteins such as blood, milk, eggs, juice, sweat, cocoa, coffee, etc. Lipase: Detergents can also achieve excellent fat removal ability at low temperatures. Amylase: Chocolate, mashed potatoes, noodles, porridge, etc. Cellulase: Its action object is not the dirt on the clothes, but the micro hairs and small pom-poms that appear on the main fibers on the surface of the fabric due to repeated washing. After treatment with cellulase, the micro hairs and pompoms on the surface of the fabric are removed, which can smooth the surface of the fabric, and at the same time has a whitening effect, which makes the color of colored clothes more vivid, and restores the original color of white clothes. In addition, after cellulase removes the micro-hairs and pom-poms on the main fibers, the main fibers become smooth, the entanglement between the micro-fibers is reduced, and the fibers become soft. Therefore, the washing powder added with cellulase has two unique functions whitening and softening.


product advantage


Ecos plus laundry detergent with enzymes Function:


1. Super decontamination ability
2. Various formulas to meet the requirements of washing method or water quality.
3. kinds of fragrances including fruits or flowers
4. Color-guard agent, making clothes brilliant and keeping the fabrics soft.
5. Soften function, rich foam, durable
6.No harm to skin


Ecos plus laundry detergent with enzymes Multi-Application


Ecos plus laundry detergent with enzymes can be used to wash clothes of different materials such as cotton, linen, silk and chemical fiber



Ecos plus laundry detergent with enzymes Package and delivery


Most packages of washing powder are woven bags and cartons

packing and shipping


Our service:


1. Competitive Price——-We are a factory, so we could supply you with the most competitive price for you.
2. Short delivery time——With the advanced technology and production line, our factory produced the detergent powder in the shortest time.
3. Diversified producer——We can supply any specification to meet your requirement, not only the washing powder but also the liquid detergent and bath soaps.
4. Good service——We will supply you with the best service not only before sales but also after-sales, even can supply the professional team to do the design work with your own logo.
5. Good quality—–We have strict and professional quality control personnel. All raw materials purchased and goods sold must pass strict inspection.
6. Advanced formulation—We have our own lab and professional person to create detergent formulation suitable for the market with the best quality.
7. Good location—– The factory is near Tianjin port, it will cut down the delivery cost.


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