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What is a good degreaser for kitchen cabinets?

What is a good degreaser for kitchen cabinets

The blackened stove, the greasy sink, and the old pot that will never be cleaned… make people want to escape in minutes!

In order to clean the kitchen, lemon peel, baking soda, and white vinegar have tried all kinds of tricks. The strength of feeding has been exerted, and the greasy dirt is still like dogskin plaster, which is quite firm!

There are many chemical cleaners on the market. Not to mention the pungent smell, there will always be a lot of strong acids and strong alkali residue after use, which is really worrying!

The multi-effect cleaning artifact introduced below, oil stains, rust spots, scales, mildew spots… even stubborn and abnormal cleaning problems at home can be handed over to it!

The decontamination is strong and fast. Whether it is metal, glass, or ceramic tile, it is bling-bling brightly. Let’s use a video to see its expressive power!

How to clean heavy oil stains? After watching the video above, you’ll know that cleaning can be so easy! The kitchen and bathroom are made of stainless steel, leaving no dead ends for cleaning and quickly disintegrating old oil stains.

I believe that everyone has been pitted by traditional liquid cleaners. After spraying for 1 second, it will flow down directly. While wiping and re-spraying, the oil stain has not been removed, and most of the bottle is gone.

Derived from ultra-concentrated formulas and biodegradable ingredients, the EcoSense Household Cleaning Series is the perfect combination of safe, effective, eco-friendly, and economical to give you a cleaner, safer home, from dishes and cabinets to floors and homes.

Free of corrosive chemicals, phosphates and bleaches

This cleaner is a popular product for housewives who love to clean at home, and it can easily remove even tough dirt that ordinary cleaners such as chewing gum, motor oil, paint, and crayons cannot remove.

The formula is mild, non-irritating and corrosive chemical ingredients, not harmful to the skin, furniture and the environment. The following three effects start to give you specific suggestions for use:

For tough stains

Directly pour it on oil pen marks, ballpoint pen marks, paint and other stained places, rinse after 10-15 minutes;

Eliminate bad smell

In the blending bottle, use the three-in-one stock solution 80CC water to 500CC, preferably add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil. Spray the room, bathroom, toilet, shoe cabinet, trash can, ashtray, car, cooking oil fume, remove odor and sterilize, can reduce mosquitoes and other small bugs in summer;

Spray it on the air outlet and filter of the air conditioner to inhibit bacteria and prevent the cross-infection of the filter virus and odor in the air; spray it on the sofa, curtain, carpet, quilt, pillow, bedsheet, mattress, tatami and other cotton products, Dust mites; spray around the wardrobe to avoid moths and microbes (completely replace mothballs – mothballs are very harmful to the human body);

enhanced cleaning

Soak rag: After washing the dishes, add a bottle cap three-in-one, soak the rag for 20 minutes, it can be antibacterial and deodorant after washing. For stubborn stains on the clothes, pour it directly on the stains, soak it in strong laundry detergent for 20 minutes after 15 minutes, and then rinse; the kitchen range hood is very greasy, and the kitchen stove and other places, adding a strong detergent are better!