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super effective washing powder detergents

super effective washing powder detergents

Super effective washing powder detergents are safe, clean and washable, comfortable to wear, pure plant natural organic formula, very fragrant, very little foam, low foam and easy to rinse, clean and no residue, and it is also a three-in-one high-efficiency shrink, you don’t need a lot can be washed very clean

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guangsheng liquid detergent

guangsheng liquid detergent

Product Description


super effective washing powder detergents




Blue, green, pink, transparent, etc


Lavender, lemon, flower or customized


Our logo or With your own design


200g-5kg, bulk 10kg-50kg

Inner Package

Plastic bag, plastic bottle

Outer Package



Tianjin, China

Delivery time

Within 20-30 days after receiving the deposit


  Free sample

Payment terms

30% TT in advance and 70% TT before loading


real liquid detergent product display

real liquid detergent product display

Product Features

Whether the laundry detergent is easy to use is mainly reflected in its decontamination ability, safety, rinsing, and so on. Our laundry detergent has the characteristics of deep cleaning, fast and effective removal of stains; mild and safe, protecting the color of clothes without hurting hands; low-viscosity and instant-dissolving, low-foaming and easy to bleach.

1. Biotechnology anti-yellowing, anti-deposition and anti-greying, low-foaming and easy-bleaching without residue, water-like formula easy to dissolve, fiber finishing to keep bright, less “concentrated +” dosage, accurate metering of the patented pump head, making cleaning easier Efficient.
2. The high liquid outlet, aiming at the stains, where it is dirty, and where to apply it, can effectively solve the trouble of local stains such as collars, cuffs, oil spots, etc. cannot be cleaned during machine washing. The pre-coating artifact is matched with the supreme laundry detergent, which is applied first and then washed, and the machine-washed clothes are as clean as new;
3. Deep cleaning laundry detergent: suitable for all colors of clothing, deep cleaning, efficient washing;
4. Brightening and brightening laundry detergent: Add color conditioning technology to make white clothes whiter and colorful clothes more vivid;

Packing and shipping

The packages are plastic bags or bottles, then by carton

packing and shipping

packing and shipping