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small bars of soap in bulk

small bars of soap in bulk

Small bars of soap in bulk can be used both as a face wash and as a bath. The bath soap has fine and rich foam, which can completely remove the oil stains deep in the pores. Makes skin moist, radiant and elastic.

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Product Description


 60g~1500g as customized


 White, yellow, blue, brown, green, etc


 Fruit, flower, etc as customized.


 Engraving your own logo on the soap is available

 Inner package

 Polybag, Color Carton box, Paper Bags, etc.

 Outer package

 Export cartons & Wooden pallets.


Deep cleaning, whitening, Moisturized, skincare, Antibacterial, good smell



 TFM Range

 40%-75% TFM according to your request.

The first function of soap is to clean. Usually, after cleaning, there are residual stains on the hands, or there will be some bacteria after going out to play, especially for children who like to play everywhere and are curious about nature, when they come home, everyone will wash their hands. Soaps are used to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Generally speaking, people use weak alkaline soaps, which have a strong cleaning ability, can wash away the residual dirt on the skin, and eliminate bacteria and mites.

Secondly, the effect of soap is beauty. Now there are many beauty products for removing blackheads and exfoliating skin. Many people are using them to maintain their facial skin and make their skin naturally smooth and shiny. In fact, weak alkaline soaps have this effect. When the weather is hot, there will be dust and dirt on the skin, accumulated oil, and some dead keratinocytes, which can easily block the pores and make the skin condition very poor. Girls who love beauty usually wear makeup when they go to work or go out. If the accumulated chemicals are not cleaned up, the skin will become worse and rougher. At this time, use weak alkaline soap to wash your face. It will make the skin more radiant.

Thirdly, the function of soap is washing. I believe that many families use soap to wash clothes in addition to bathing and washing their faces. Many families use soap to replace laundry detergent and laundry. There are many chemicals in laundry detergent and laundry powder, which are more harmful to clothes than some materials. It is a good choice to use soap instead. Although the decontamination ability is not as strong as the first two, it is milder and less harmful to clothes.

Finally, soap has a certain preventive effect on skin diseases. The cleansing effect of soap can effectively eliminate bacteria and mites, which has a good protective effect on the skin. There is also a soap with sulfur and minerals, which has antibacterial and antitoxic effects and is effective in removing athlete’s foot, preventing dermatitis and so on. However, this soap contains chemicals, which are particularly harmful to the skin, so it is best to use it sparingly.

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