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Best dishwasher detergent pods

Best dishwasher detergent pods

A small pod contains cleaning powder, softening salt and brightener. Not only that, but the formula inside has added the body cleaning factor, which means that this small dishwashing bead can not only effectively clean the oil stains on the tableware, but also can be used to clean the filter element of the dishwasher.

The outer hydrogel film is very thick and can be directly touched by hand without irritating the skin. It’s not like some dishwashing blocks, you will find your hands are itchy when you touch them with your hands, and some people even have allergies. Pick it up directly by hand and put it into the dishwasher-specific dishwashing block/dishwashing powder compartment cover. It is no problem to wash 6 sets of dishes with one piece at a time.

In addition to saving trouble, it also saves the cost of washing dishes, so I think it is worth trying for friends who have entered the dishwasher. There is no smell, no water stains, and the cleaning ability of the dishwasher can be improved to a higher level.

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Product Description


Best dishwasher detergent pods

Laundry detergent capsules are a relatively recent product innovation.

This detergent form has been progressively introduced to the European market over the last decade.

Now, laundry detergent capsules are used daily by millions of people across Europe.

Consumers experience the convenience of laundry detergent capsules as their primary benefit.

Type Single room, double room, 3 in 1, etc
Shape Heart, square, LO, etc.
Color Red, green, yellow, etc.
Fragrance Flower and others
Brand Name OEM
Weight 10g,15g,20g etc
Inner package Bag or plastic box
Outer package Carton etc.
MOQ 5000 pieces
The Attributes and Advantages of dishwasher detergent pods:

Water-soluble film wrap, combining the advantages of dishwashing liquid and dishwashing powder, multi-effects in one, use one at a time, suitable for all kinds of dishwashers, suitable for the quick-wash function.

Because the washing beads integrate various functions, there is no need to add additional dishwashing salt and detergent, which means that the washing beads only need to be added when washing dishes.

The multi-effect of washing beads is newly upgraded and has more comprehensive functions. Whether it is daily cleaning/rinsing/accelerating drying/softening water quality to prevent limescale/protecting machines/protecting glass silverware and other functions can achieve multi-effects in one.

Washing beads are not added, no residue, effective bacteriostasis 99%: no added boron phosphate/chlorine bleach/preservative/borate, no harmful residue after washing, effective against Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Helicobacter pylori Bacteria have an inhibitory effect.