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Powdered laundry detergent vs liquid which is better?


If you want to ask what we wash most often, I believe that many people’s first reaction is clothes.

Indeed, the cleaning of clothes is an important part of our lives.

Only by wearing clean clothes every day can you look fresh and leave a neat and clean impression.

people wash most is clothes

And when we clean clothes, we are habitually using powder laundry detergent or liquid detergent!

When housewives clean, they are always divided into two groups, one is that washing powder is easy to use, and the other is that liquid detergent is easy to use.

However, I think it’s all for cleaning clothes, no matter what method you use, as long as you can wipe the dirt off the clothes.

Wipe dirt off clothes

In real life, many people are more entangled and don’t know whether to use powder laundry detergent or liquid detergent.

Some people will buy powder laundry detergent because it is cheap, and some people like to buy liquid detergent because it is expensive.

Some people start from the cleanliness, see which cleaning ability is stronger, and we choose what.

Detergent powder cleans better

Detergent powder cleans better

I still remember that when I was a child, I used soap to clean clothes, and then laundry detergent and liquid detergent. My mother likes to use laundry detergent to clean clothes, even if you encounter stubborn dirt, you can easily solve it. The reason why washing powder is used more is that its price is relatively low and its practicality is strong!

Supermarket employees also said that from a cleaning point of view, laundry detergent would be better.

The use feeling of washing powder is poor

The use feeling of washing powder is poor

However, when we use washing powder, you will definitely find that every time you use it, your hands are red.

This is because washing powder contains a large number of alkaline ingredients, and long-term use will cause certain damage to our skin.

Not only that, supermarket employees said that friction ingredients are also added to the washing powder, which is to increases friction and achieves a cleaning effect.

And when we use our hands to clean, it will also increase the friction of our hands on the clothes,

If your hands are relatively fragile, there will be injuries to your hands, so you should pay more attention.

liquid detergent is gentler

liquid detergent is gentler

Compared with laundry detergent, liquid detergent is gentler, it can better protect your hands, because it does not have any friction agent in it, but the stain removal effect maybe a little worse!

Laundry liquid can dissolve into the water quickly and produce a lot of cleaning foam, but only foam, when encountering stubborn dirt, there is still no way to deal with it.

In fact, liquid detergent and washing powder have their own advantages, mainly depending on their own habits!

If everyone just wants to clean the clothes, we can’t do it with laundry detergent and liquid detergent alone!

If you put too much, there will be a lot of foam, and there will be residues no matter how you clean it, and if you put less, the cleaning effect will be halved, which is really annoying.

dry clothes

Nowadays, many households use front-loading washing machines. When you use the machine to wash, you need to pour the laundry detergent or washing powder into the sink. This leaves dirt residue, which is not as clean as hand washing.

Especially in wet weather, if it rains for several days and the clothes cannot be dried in time, it will produce a musty smell. This smell is very difficult to remove without washing again.

In addition, we often find that the clothes will be hard, wrinkled, rolled up, etc. after washing the clothes.

In fact, the main reason for this is the wrong choice of cleaning products. Many people use washing powder to wash clothes, but washing powder may damage the fibers of the clothes, so it will cause the clothes to become stiff, wrinkled, and rolled into a ball, so try not to choose Powder laundry detergent.