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How to get dye out of white clothes?

How to get dye out of white clothes

White is very beautiful, so many people like white clothes. Although white clothes are good-looking and easy to match, it is inevitable to encounter the problem of clothes dyeing in life, accidentally dripping oily cola coffee or something. The colored clothes are washed and dyed together, and some of them may accidentally rub against the pen marks or something. Whenever this happens, it is very painful.

Laundry is also a technical job, especially if you want to remove stains from dyed cloths, different substances need to be cleaned with different detergents. Especially white clothes are difficult to clean once they are dyed. So, how to wash white clothes dyed? Here are a few ways to wash and get dye out of white clothes.

Wash with salt
  1. Wash with salt

Wet the dyed area with water, then smear it all over with edible salt, and then rub it with your hands repeatedly, the dyed color will disappear and then rinse with water.

It is best to soak new clothes in salt water before washing them before wearing, them because the carcinogen-formaldehyde during anti-wrinkle treatment may remain on new clothes, which is a unique odor on new clothes.

(You can also use vinegar and essential balm in the same way as table salt)

Wash with hot soapy water
  1. Wash with hot soapy water

Boil some soapy water, put the dyed clothes in the basin, soak them in water first, then pour the water out, then pour the soapy water that has just boiled directly into the basin, soak for about ten minutes, and then use Gently rubbing the hand, the original color will be restored.

3. Stained with grease and clean with detergent

Some oil stains may be cleaned with detergent first, and then washed with water.

Wash with bleach
  1. Wash with bleach

If a small area is stained, you can wash off the floating color with water first. Then use a small cup to mix bleach and water in a ratio of 1:5 or 1:3, and then use an old toothbrush dipped in the bleach mixture to gently brush the stained area. Be sure to gently brush for a few more minutes, because it is a mixture, so the chemical action will be a little slower, but the effect will definitely surprise you. If your entire garment is dyed, wash it in cold water first, then dilute the bleach with water. The ratio is about 1:10, or as the case may be, rinse with a washing machine for about 30 minutes, so that the color of the rinsed back is more uniform, and the damage to the clothes is relatively small. Note: Bleach itself is a chemical preparation. In order not to cause harm to the human body, it should be washed with clean water and then soaked for 20 minutes before it can be dried.

Wash with color bleach
  1. Wash with color bleach

The color rinses sold in supermarkets are also good, especially for light-colored clothes that have been dyed soon but don’t abuse them.

Clean with 84 disinfectant
  1. Clean with 84 disinfectant

After diluting the 84 disinfectant, try soaking it for a while, but you must master the dilution ratio and soaking time. This is related to the location of the dyed clothes and the degree of dyeing. It is best to bleach several times, rather than troublesome Don’t overdo it. The use ratio and method of 84 disinfectants are: half a tank of water corresponds to 1/3 bottle of disinfectant, dissolve and dilute, rinse for about 25 minutes, and then remove the clothes. First, put warm water in the washing machine, start the washing machine for rinsing, add 84 disinfectants, add about one-third of the bottle of disinfectant to half a tank of water, dissolve and dilute, put in the clothes, cover the machine, rinse for about 25 minutes, 25 minutes After removing the clothes, the clothes will return to their original color after drying.

Wash with hydrogen peroxide
  1. Wash with hydrogen peroxide

First, pick up some cold water in the basin, not too much, it is OK to soak the clothes. Then pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into the basin, the reference ratio is 1:10, a portion of hydrogen peroxide, and stir evenly. Then put the clothes into it and soak for 5 minutes to solve the problem of white clothes being dyed.

Wash with baking soda
  1. Wash with baking soda

Fill a basin with hot water, put the dyed white clothes into the basin, and add 10 tablespoons of baking soda per liter of water. Cover the clothing with bay leaves, let it sit overnight, and wash it the next day.