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How do you wash compression socks?

How do you wash compression socks

The elasticity of compression stockings can generally be maintained for about 8-10 months, and the pressure after that is not as great as the initial period and needs to be replaced. Compression stockings need to be washed by hand and dried in the shade. You should have at least two pairs of Bijian stockings for replacement, giving them time to restore their elasticity. Two pairs are easy to change and wash, and at the same time extend the service life of the stockings.

Detergent: Please use neutral detergent. Dissolve the detergent in the water first, then put the socks in. Do not use disinfectant to avoid embrittlement of elastic fibers and loss of elasticity.

Water temperature: below 40 ℃ is suitable, overheated water will gradually lose the elasticity of socks; do not soak for a long time.

Washing method: It is recommended to wash gently by hand. It can also be placed in a laundry bag. Select the gentle program of the washing machine. Please do not directly put it into the washing machine and other clothes for strong washing. The socks will be twisted and stretched, resulting in deformation and loss of elasticity and pressure.

Drying method: Squeeze the excess moisture of socks to dry. Dry it in a cool and ventilated place, do not place it in the sun or under artificial heat sources to dry or bake. If you want to dry quickly, you can use a dry towel to absorb excess water, and then blow dry with a hairdryer on cold air. High temperatures can cause Lycra to become brittle and lose its elasticity

Maintenance: When putting on or taking off varicose stockings, do not let diamonds or long nails scratch the varicose stockings, check whether the inside of the shoes is flat, prevent unnecessary wear and tear of the compression stockings caused by debris, and prolong the service life. For any high-quality product, only careful care can prolong its service life and achieve the best use effect.