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Distributor System

Currently, the exclusive distributor is our important policy to customers.

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  • Recognition, drive special offers
  • Launch a new product or communicate
  • Message and generate action
  • Campaign to powerfully convey
  • Outdoor media, PR and digital marketing
  • Recognition, drive special offers + Digital Media

Complete Service Offer Details:

Currently, the exclusive distributor is our important policy to customers. For our exclusive distributor, after checking your order, we will approve your order for production. To ensure punctual delivery, we will not wait for the deposit to arrive before arranging production. You can just pay the full amount after we send you the copy of the bill of lading that doubles as your order confirmation.

Requirements for our distributors:
1. Units with independent legal person qualifications can provide complete corporate legal person business licenses and other related documents. If it is an individual distributor, you need to provide personally identifiable information.
2. Have certain financial strength, certain distribution ability (vehicles, personnel), fixed place of business, good business reputation and social relations.

3. Have certain customer resources and maintain customer relationships. Distributors currently operating fast-moving consumer goods are preferred.
4. Recognize the company’s brand management and business model, have a strong willingness to cooperate, and can actively promote product marketing.