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Is Dishwasher Detergent Harmful?

Is Dishwasher Detergent Harmful

Dedicated dishwasher detergents can clean dishes better, but many people worry about whether these detergents are safe, so is it safe?

Dishwasher detergents are designed to professionally remove grease and oil from dishes. It has the functions of disinfection, killing bacteria, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, no harm to hands, no residue, no dissolution, low foam, no washing, no corrosion, safe and efficient use, etc. The detergent can quickly penetrate into the dirt, and can strongly remove grease, tea stains, mildew stains, sugar, and mineral deposits. However, the premise is to buy a regular brand of dishwasher-specific detergent, and the detergent without three products cannot be guaranteed. The regular brand of detergent is harmless to the human body, and there is no problem. It can effectively remove the grease and oil stains on the tableware. It is suitable for all water quality. , it can be said to be very safe and convenient to use.

Main ingredients:

High-purity active alkali, complexing agent, high-efficiency polymer, chlorine-containing bactericide, etc., without phosphate

Precautions for the use of dishwasher detergents:

  1. Avoid contact with various acidic substances, otherwise, it will fail;
  2. This product is a strong alkaline product, pay attention to operational safety. Avoid direct contact of this product with soft metals;
  3. The original solution is strongly concentrated, avoid contact with clothing and skin. In case of accidental contact, or spilled in the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water for more than 5 minutes. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention.