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How to clean car seat stains?

How to clean car seat stains

Cars will inevitably get dirty after being used for a long time. Frequent car washing is inevitable, but sometimes we will accidentally get some stains on the car, such as lipstick, nail polish, watermelon juice, sesame paste, cola, pen ink, etc., If these stains are not cleaned in time, over time, the seat will become very ugly! Also reduces the owner’s taste!

For cars, the frequency of use of seats is the highest among interior components. Due to frequent contact with people, it is easy to get stains. Generally, car owners will send their cars to the store for cleaning on a regular basis. Cleaning many car owners is often easy to ignore. Today, I will tell you how to clean the Car stubborn stains.

  1. Sauce or lipstick. If you accidentally stain the seat or carpet when you accidentally print lipstick or other dyes on the seats in the car or eat ketchup and other sauce-like foods, you can wipe it with a rag soaked in cold water in time, and use it after you go home. cleaning agent for thorough cleaning;
  2. Candy contamination. First, remove the stuck solid candy, then use a rag dipped in hot water to remove the residual liquid sugar, and then use a detergent to remove traces of the sugar liquid;
  3. Bloodstains. If the seats and carpets are stained with blood, they can be wiped with a damp and cold rag in time, and a few drops of ammonia are added to the bloodstains. After a few minutes, wipe them off with a rag dipped in cold water. Never use soap or hot water to remove, because blood will coagulate when it touches soap or hot water;
  4. The cleaning of vomit. Dealing with vomit is a disgusting thing, but it must be done quickly. When this happens, first use a paper towel to absorb the moisture of the vomit, then remove the solid material, wipe it again with a warm soapy cloth, and finally soak the cloth with a soda solution and wipe it clean;
  5. The child’s urine soaks the seat. If the child urinates on the seat cover or carpet, first wipe it with a cloth dampened with hot soapy water, then use a 1:1 solution of ammonia water and cold water solution, soak the cloth and cover the wet area, and remove it after a few minutes. Remove the rag and wipe it with a damp cloth;
  6. Coffee, cola, ice cream and other beverages. This liquid also cannot be washed with hot or soapy water, but can only be wiped with a rag soaked in cold water and then washed with a foaming cleanser, as hot or soapy water will fix the marks on the seat surface.