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Does soapy water kill mosquitoes?

Does soapy water kill mosquitoes

Although there are many mosquito repellent products on the market, many of them are not suitable for use in babies. Some mosquito repellent products contain certain toxins. Therefore, I want to learn some safe and effective methods of repelling mosquitoes, but I don’t know the soap mentioned on the Internet. The plumbing doesn’t work? Let’s talk about whether soap can repel mosquitoes. Let’s take a look.

Does Soap Repel Mosquitoes?
have a certain effect.
Soap is a general term for fatty acid metal salts. It is alkaline when dissolved in water. For example, if you prepare a basin of soapy water and put it on the ground, its fragrance and humid environment can tempt mosquitoes to lay eggs in water, but mosquitoes cannot live in alkali. Survive in sexual water, so as to achieve the purpose of killing mosquitoes. If you do this often, you can reduce mosquitoes and achieve the purpose of repelling mosquitoes and insects. At the same time, soapy water is applied to the bitten parts of mosquitoes, and it can also relieve itching. The concentration is difficult to grasp. If it is too thick, mosquitoes will not come, and if it is too thin, it will not work, but it is easy to breed mosquitoes. It is necessary to pay attention to the allocation of reasonable doses.

What kind of soap do you need for mosquito repellent soapy water?
Laundry soap will do.
The soap used for mosquito repellent is preferably a hard soap with a strong fragrance and high alkali content, preferably the kind of soap used for washing clothes. Remember to wear gloves when using it to avoid roughness and peeling after contact with the skin of your hands. Never choose soaps with medicinal properties. This kind of soap has a low alkali content and is not very effective in killing mosquitoes.

How to make mosquito repellent soapy water

  1. Find a container, which can be a bowl or a small basin.
  2. Then add an appropriate amount of water and an appropriate amount of soap to it.
  3. After fully stirring and mixing, it becomes soapy water. Just put the prepared soapy water in the corner of the house.
  4. If conditions permit, you can also add bait agents such as brown sugar and white sugar to the soapy water, which can increase the strength of mosquito repellent.
  5. When the number of mosquitoes in the basin is large, it is necessary to replace the soapy water in time.


  1. Put it in the corner to avoid accidental tripping.
  2. Tell the children at home not to play.
  3. If there are pets in the house, they should be placed in a place that pets cannot reach to prevent accidental ingestion or scattering.
  4. If the skin is sensitive to soapy water, remember to wear gloves when operating.
Soapy water or washing powder for water-repelling insects which one is better

Soapy water or washing powder for water-repelling insects which one is better
In the case of ensuring a high concentration, the two have similar effects. Soapy water and washing powder water have the same principle of killing and repelling insects. They both use the fragrance substances in them to tempt mosquitoes to lay eggs in the water, and then use the alkaline solution to make the mosquitoes unable to survive to achieve the effect of killing and repelling insects. , Under the premise of ensuring that the concentrations of the two solutions are appropriate, the insect repellent effect is similar, but compared with soap, washing powder is easier to dissolve into water, and it is more convenient to operate.